Meet the Team

The Peers’ Project was started by a small team of individuals, who develop and orchestrate the project in their spare time.  They are:


Rob Hughes – Founder and criminal mastermind behind the Peers’ Project. By day Rob is a postdoctoral research assistant in the departments of Physics and Engineering at the University of Bristol.

Peering over the edge into early-career research, he realised the lack of a diverse support community between experienced staff, early career researchers, and PhD students to help share ideas, opportunities, and skills. He has spearheaded the project to establish one, bidding for funding, creating reams of needlessly-detailed documents, and making vague pronouncements over coffee at the Hawthorns – the stuff true leadership is made from.


Leonie Thomas – Currently in the middle of her PhD studies at the Universities of Exeter and Bristol, Leonie a-peers to enjoy the social side of organising things, including those things that make you a better person, such as mentoring.

Always ready to make a leaflet, Leonie is involved in the communications side of the Peers Project and hopes to share her pun-based insights with the university more widely when the time arises.

hell world


Claire Wrixon – A peerless supporter of mentoring across the University and at all levels, Claire brings her professional and enthusiastic approach to the project.

In her role as Academic Staff Development Officer in HR, she has contacts with those committed to improving and developing the staff and students at Bristol. She is also excellent at compiling spreadsheets and sends a damn fine email.