The Peers’ Project mentoring scheme is designed to give career and professional development mentoring by establishing cross-discipline mentoring chains.  Mid and late-stage career mentors are linked to early-career researchers who in turn are mentors to doctoral students.

Being Mentored

If you are in the early stages of your research career and are unsure how to progress, being involved in the Peers’ mentoring scheme will provide you with the support you need. The scheme gives you access to experienced individuals who offer fresh perspectives on your future to help guide and advise you on how you approach and develop your career. From being a sounding board for ideas, to advising with applications, or connecting you with the right people, your mentor will help you on the road to where you want to be.

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Being a Mentor

No one does it alone. Chances are, if you are doing a job you’re passionate about, you probably received some help and guidance along the way from someone you trust and respect. Being a mentor gives you the opportunity to do the same for someone else and pass on what you learned along the way.

If you are a more experienced individual, there is plenty to be gained from mentoring. Spending some time with someone setting out on their career in a supportive, listening, and collaborative environment can shed some light on your own motivations and values. Talking to PhD students or early-career researchers without the expectations of formal supervision or departmental influences could allow you to find a new perspective on your own research and future career, as well as being personally satisfying and fun!

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Interdisciplinary Matching

We all know that different disciplines in academia sometimes feel like foreign lands. How about having a guide from a different research culture to offer you new ways of thinking or of doing things? Although we will take disciplines into account in our matching process, we advise mentors and mentees to be open minded about what someone from a completely different discipline might have to offer. New perspectives might allow for more creativity, a different way to solve problems, or even the edge in an increasingly interdisciplinary sector. Sharing is caring!

Get Involved

We are always looking for passionate, enthusiastic mentors and mentees to be a part of our community.  If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then complete the short registration form to join.

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