What is required of mentees?

Are you thinking about signing up for the Peers’ Project Mentoring Scheme? What do you need to  consider before you are matched with a mentor?

1) The first thing to think about is what you want a mentor for. Is there a particular aspect of your career you want to work on? Do you have a specific goal in mind? What do you want to achieve? Being clear and honest about these goals at the start of the mentoring relationship will give you and your mentor something concrete to work on and the best chance of success.

2) How, when, and how often are you going to meet? Setting the ground rules early can help structure the mentoring relationship from the start. This is a joint conversation but be sure to state your needs and expectations early on. Then stick to your agreements wherever possible!

3) How do you take constructive feedback? A mentoring relationship works best when feedback is accepted proactively, even when it is more challenging than you might like. Listening carefully and noticing how you feel about feedback is as important as the feedback itself.

4) Communication is key! Mentoring is a two-way process where mentor and mentee work together on a goal or ambition. Articulating, clarifying, explaining and listening are all essential skills for both of you- these will develop as the mentoring progresses but be sure to throw yourself into it to get the most out of each meeting.

Having a think about the abstract and the practical elements of mentoring will help you get the most from the Peers’ Project scheme. Now you’re ready, sign up here!

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch!