What is required of mentors?

Thinking about becoming a Peers’ Project Mentor? What are you signing up for?

So you’re interested in mentoring but worried about how much time it might take? To take part in the Peers Project mentoring chain, we ask you to commit to three things:

1) One half day mentoring training session, tailored to the Peers Project and equipping you with the tools to be an effective mentor.  Please let us know if you have already received training. 

2) Between 4 and 6 meetings with your mentee over the six-month mentoring period. We suggest that the meetings are around an hour long.

3) Preparation and/or reflection time. What came out of your meeting? What might you think about before you meet with your mentee again? Half an hour of your time between meetings is a small window of opportunity to make big things happen in your mentoring relationship.

So what’s that? Between 11 and 15 hours of your time over 6 months– that’s about the same amount of time as watching two seasons of Game of Thrones, playing 8 football matches, or completing one module of undergraduate marking!

Now you know what mentoring entails, sign up here!